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The “Safe Reception” manual, created by Federalberghi, offers a bouquet of solutions that can be used within tourist accommodation facilities in order to prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, to offer adequate protection to guests and collaborators.

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POR FESR 2014-2020 – “Aid for energy efficiency improvement projects for the year 2017”
Domanda CUP 7012.22052017.109000024

The application for funding presented concerns the energy requalification of technological systems to service the Hotel and related to the heating, air conditioning and domestic hot water production.
The pre-intervention state saw an obsolete system consisting of n. 1 Natural gas generator of the ICI brand of non-condensing type DUAL 160 thermal 186 kW model, serving the heating circuit and domestic hot water production, and 2 burners of the Lamborghini brand EM 16-E two-stage flame 80 kW and 160 kW.
The redevelopment project implemented includes:
• Replacement of fan coils inside the chambers
• Replacing the heat generator with a new condensing unit
• The insertion of a heat pump able to work in medium seasons with higher yields than the traditional gas generator

The heat pump is of the high efficiency type with a coefficient of performance (COP) and energy efficiency index (EER) above the relevant minimum values ​​set out in Annex I to Ministerial Decree 06.08.09.
The new generator complies with the requirements of Legislative Decree 26/06/2015, with nominal thermal efficiency not lower than that indicated in paragraph 1.3, paragraph 1, of Appendix B.

The investment presented in the announcement provides for a cost of € 48,095.91 and a contribution of 40% equal to € 19,238.36.

Objectives in terms of energy savings

Project Consumption of primary energy before intervention (toe/year) Consumption of primary energy after intervention (toe/year) Energy saving
Energy saving
CO2 saved(t) CO2 eq saved(t) NOX saved(kg) PM10 saved(kg)
Intervention 3a 26,18 19,26 6,92 26,43 19,12 19,12 10,45 0,605
Total (>10%)     6,92 26,43